Turban kind of day.

Turban kind of day.

After watching a trailer for a supposedly “must-see” movie, I don’t even think I smirked. My sister was shocked saying that I am such a “weirdo” because everyone thinks this comedienne is hilarious. I told her “I am a weirdo”, and always have been! I rarely like what everyone else thinks is great or “trendy” (Hello! harem pants! NO!) and frankly I like it that way.

I thought it would be fun to write a list of some of what makes me strange!

1. I hate and always hated the fourth finger nail polish embellishment.

2. I’m obsessed with fringe society groups like polygamists, Amish, Gypsies…

3. I don’t like onesies on anyone at any age and I don’t like leggings as “pants”

4. I must sleep on a fitted sheet that is clean and pulled taut, I also cannot sleep with socks on or an open closet door., actually all cabinets must be closed after use, always!!!

5. This is all stems from my hyper-visual brain, I need things to “look right”! i.e, crooked pictures have to be straightened.

6. My car and purse are always ready for anything, I mean anything.

7. I hate vitamins and don’t take any.

8. I study the faces of everyone. In my mind, I am unconsciously accessing for the “Golden triangle”; always.

10. I read everything! I mean everything, always! One time at a novelty store I read a super long writing written on the wall that was many topics long and the font got smaller and smaller-the last sentence said “if you actually read this in its entirety, claim your prize at the counter”. Of course I hailed a clerk to find my “golden ticket”. He told me I could choose any candy and let me know I was only the second person EVER to actually read that nonsense!

That’s Me!

I want to hear about your weirdo-isms, hit me up in the comments!



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