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I Look Fly When I Fly!


This weekend I participated at Wave Church’s “Devoted” Women’s conference! The theme was Shine Your Light! This is an awesome time of vision, enrichment and killer preaching and teaching by Lisa Bevere, Wendy Perez and John and Lisa Burns-these are the gold standards in the Christian community! Our church plant Wave LA headed to Virginia Beach for the epic event! Click here to watch my travel style guide as I headed to the East Coast:         trim.DCAEDD74-ED8D-4F10-A0EA-4923E31A429C

It’s the Little Things…

I bought this dress for $16!

I bought this dress  for $16!

I recently began a new job! I’m working 22 hours a week in my neighborhood. As parents we are already busy, so anytime you add in something, you have to take something off your proverbial plate or make adjustments to keep your family centered. I refuse to have one of those chaotic families who don’t know which way is up (that could have spiritual parallels)!

Here is an overview of some of the tweaks and tricks our family has implemented:

1. Although soccer practice is twice a week, we only go to one practice-that way we have a weeknight with no after school commitments.

2. I sneak in a twenty-minute nap almost daily, that way when my kids and hubby come home I’m not too tired to be nice.

3. I hired a middle-schooler to fold ,hang and put away our children’s laundry-this is the best practical decision I have EVER made! My Bella is a punctual, local and polite magical fairy who I NEED in my life (kids have other chores)!

4. On the same topic, I make Bella and our family’s life easier by buying one style, size and color of socks for the kids This may seem insignificant; but these little things streamline our lives! No wasted time matching pairs!

5. We have at least four family dinners a week, this way we have time to reconnect and laugh and learn about each other, we usually top it off with a family board or card game.

6. We have no pets. My theory is that I have enough breathing beings to look after. My son hates dogs so there is no issue there, for my daughter, we foster dogs sporadically during the summer to scratch the itch to own and help save a life (all while accruing volunteer hours for the young-ins)! Boom!

This $5 box from Container Store is a way to quickly assemble snacks and salads

This $5 box from Container Store is a way to quickly assemble snacks and salads

7. My husband and I have committed to one night away at a hotel each month. This helps me have something to look forward to and keeps our marriage at the cornerstone of la familia!

8. I wear dresses almost everyday-“One and Done!” Dresses are the easiest piece of clothing to wear; there isn’t a more simple way to get dressed. I feel polished everyday and I spend no time deciding on what to wear. I add leggings, boots and a cute jacket in colder weather. If you are not a “dress person” (try to be ;), decide on a daily “uniform” that flatters you and makes you feel and look good!

9. We alternate between Blue Apron and Hello Fresh for meal delivery. This forces us to have family dinners and gourmet meals on the regular. This is a great investment in your life management!

10. Last but not least!- I start my morning by meditating on the verse of the day on my You Version Bible App; by adjoining a quick prayer, it allows me start from a centered place and conquer the day. Before I go to sleep I read a daily passage from “My Utmost for His Highest”. This is a devotional classic! I go to bed with a right mind and some Bible teaching.

Bonus: I swear by adding Benefiber (generic version, which is only corn fiber) to almost everything I eat and drink! I have it labeled “Magic Fairy Dust!” and keep it in a sugar jar from Home Goods to pour easily. I sprinkle it on food and stir it into drinks. I keep a vial in my purse to use at every meal.This makes me feel satiated for many hours and reduces my net carbs. It balances my blood sugar so I don’t get hangry and keeps my weight in check so I don’t have to “work out” (I walk daily).

fairy dust

Do you have some tricks up your sleeves that keep you grounded?

DIY Animal Printing


Last week I had the idea to buy some leopard print paper for a gift I’m planning to make. When we got home I thought, “I don’t want to buy another thing”. I tried to figure out a way to make it. Lightbulb! I thought “why don’t I put a piece of animal print clothing directly on my printer?” I did that and it turned out great. For my particular project I wanted  the print to be light enough for writing to show up on. Again, I scratched my head. Aha! I grabbed a sheer shirt and put it over the leopard scarf template and put them both directly on the printer.

I’m thrilled with the results. Now I can print all kinds of paper using anything that will fit on my printer! I covered my experiment sheets with a Georgetown cupcake box and made this to corral some clutter.

I used my daughter’s skirt for this one

Free is Good!

Black and White is Beautiful


All my life (inside joke related to The Color Purple)-I’ll I’ve ever wanted was a beautiful, dainty apron. This weekend; as we perused the antique stores in Old Towne Orange (Orange County) I looked for the perfect marriage of “Mad Men” sweetness and modern charm. I was overjoyed when I saw a store completely devoted to beauties of its kind called “Heavenly Hostess” ( all the tags have scripture) no less! As history has shown, my brown eyes are always attracted to the highest price points. These gorgeous price-gougers were $80!
I walked away with my head hung low; saddened by my misfortune. Wouldn’t you know there was a place around the corner called Blessings. They had a similar product for a lucky $21 dollars. I batted my eyelashes and my DH opened his wallet. I LOVE this store. Turns out they were featured on Extreme Home Makeover. They blend eclecticism and whimsy magnificently. I’m all ready for the holidays now! All I need is my pink Kitchen Aid mixer. Pretty Please………