Hormones, explained…

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As promised, I mentioned that I would give a more in-depth explanation of what hormones I use in my post Hormones and Heebie-Jeebies. It all started back in 2004. My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage at age 21. I was devastated! My mother intuitively told me (she has the Heebie-Jeebies gift) that she believed I had low progesterone. I did some research and learned it is one of the most common reasons women miscarry. Essentially progesterone is like the glue that keeps the embryo attached to the uterine lining. If you are deficient you will likely miscarry before 14 weeks.

I went to see Dr. Uzzi Reiss in Beverly Hills. He began as an Obstetrician-gynecologist, but now does only anti-aging and hormone therapy. Dr.Reiss utilizes a compounding pharmacy that creates hormone creams, suspensions, etc., like estrogen and progesterone made of plant-based ingredients like yams. These are not synthetic hormones like Premarin.

I use both progesterone and estrogen. When I had my blood test it showed my hormones were super low. It is just that way from genetics. So like a vitamin, I’m putting back in what my body needs. I started taking progesterone by mouth in an olive oil emulsion after my pregnancy loss and used estrogen cream on my forearms. I conceived healthfully two months later. Like a yin and yang, you usually need both to balance your body. I later started taking a progesterone cream that I also rubbed on my inner forearm. This is totally safe when pregnant, in fact the only known side effect is higher I.Q. in children!

After Ethan’s birth when I was certain I wasn’t having anymore births. I began taking progesterone internally. This administration has a neat bonus in that it provides a contraceptive.This is not an “approved” method, meaning the FDA won’t let him call it a contraceptive. The suppositories I insert every night  make it so those little swimmers have no vehicle to travel in by removing the mucosa typically found near the cervix. Like most hormonal birth controls you can eventually stop having a period and ovulating. With natural hormones this is totally fine. Remember, the purpose of a period is to prepare your body for conception. If you are not conceiving this is totally safe! I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW AMAZING THIS IS! Someone asked me for a tampon last year at my yoga retreat, I seriously had a moment where I thought “what are those and why would she ask me that!”

Most PPO’s will reimburse these prescriptions. Also, it can be a medical tax deduction. Most doctors like Dr. Reiss don’t take insurance up front. Every year I have to see him in person for a 15 min consultation to renew my prescriptions. There is no other expense besides food that is more important to me. When I’m feeling hormonally balanced, I feel happy, and when I’m happy, my family is happy, and when they are happy, I’m happy, and so it goes.

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4 thoughts on “Hormones, explained…

  1. Alma

    Corita, I lost my first three pregnancies. When I was pregnant with Gabe, God hand picked Dr. Gu for us. Dr. Gu gave me progesterone suppositories.
    Although I do give God all the praise for this, my gratitude and utmost respect for Dr. Gu

    1. Corrita Post author

      So sorry to hear that you had to go through that! Every life matters! So glad you have those two amazing kids now! I can see why you are such a loving mother, you know how precious they are!


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