Well, Hello There….

It’s been way too long since I last blogged, thought I’d reacquaint ya’ll with some things you may not know about me…

Halloween 09

(Patrick and I, dressed as Jon and Kate Gosselin 10/31/09)

1. I have had stitches twice, once on my face and once on my toe.

2. I’m über clumsy.

3. I am an Army brat and now an Airforce wife.

4. My husband wanted to join the AF 17 years ago, I told him I never want to be a military spouse.

5. I have a keen ear for language, if you give me a name I can tell you it’s derivative.

6. I have been to the Palace of Versailles, The Vatican, and most other bucket list places.

7. Growing up my family was “trapped” in Greece because of threats and couldn’t travel home to Germany.

8. I gave myself the Heimlich on a counter while choking, I was eating and dancing when it happened.

9. I went on a Medical Mission trip to The Gambia, West Africa at 17, one year later I became a vocational nurse.

10. My favorite food is ice cream. I invented a way to make Lavender ice cream that doesn’t taste weird.

11. I have had over 25 pets in my life, including, a snake, a tarantula, 3 rats and two  turtles, I’m now allergic to cats and dogs.

12. One turtle, Rodney ran away never to be found when I cleaned it’s aquarium outdoor. Very sad.

13. The L.A. Riots happened in my neighborhood.

14. My dad found Rodney while cleaning up a riot-ravaged pet store- the owner let us keep it.

15. I wrote a not-yet-published children’s book on Rodney and the Riots.

16. I have been a bookworm all my life and read every book in the Childcraft Encyclopedia series by age 7.

17.I met my husband  Patrick while in the Main Office of high school, I was there because of cramps and wanted to go home.

18. He told me the Holy Spirit told him I would be his wife on our first date, I thought he was nuts!

19. At age four my mom cut off all my hair after I tried to “make bangs”.

20. I had a hair complex for the following 23 years!

21. I stood in the same room where Ann Frank hid.

22. I was in a high school graduating class of 4 people.

23. I graduated college while on bed rest a week before Ethan’s birth, got out of bed and waddled across the stage.

24. I picked my daughter Tatianna’s name at 5 year’s old while watching MTV.

25. My husband and I are the other’s one and only!


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