Mother’s to Father’s Day

m day

Mother’s Day marked a new and exciting privilege of getting to test drive our newly minted military I.D. cards. Growing up as an Army brat I received my own card at age 10, which was a big deal (I felt so grown-up)! However, when I came of age I lost my piggie-back privileges and could only go on base with a sponsor (my mom). Last month we busted out our cards and rolled right in, and I have been bustin’ that baby out every chance I can- the movies, Payless Shoes, IHOP, the Marriott!! I love a discount!


We headed to an exquisite Mother’s Day brunch followed by a walk around a Melrose Flea Market followed by a trip to The Grove. I tried to get a lovely picture outside the restaurant (while a Bravo cast member looked on) but my kids can be difficult picture takers, I gave up and settled on this one of them looking like gangsters!


My blogging lapse was due to all the end of school year festivities. As my children age I am really starting to feel that little ache of wanting another child. I’m totally kidding!!! I’m just soaking in all the moments I can with them, because the “days are short, but the years are long”. I’m so grateful that I can be present for all that I want to be part of-like my kid’s Jog-A-Thon. This was a new fundraiser/awareness campaign where the kids ran laps to earn money for their school and get active. They both rocked it, Tia did 23 laps and Ethan did 18! They both were jogging like they were serious athletes (Patrick and Tia go running on weekends). As a family we have embraced physical fitness and the kids are following suit.


Mr. EJ celebrated his 6th birthday (and Daddy did too) and his Kindergarden graduation-my baby is going to 1st grade! I love how he embraces books and learning. When he was younger I would try to read to him and he was not interested. Now he loves to read and is breaking the bank with new purchases I have a really hard time saying “no” to books!

Father’s day was lovely, we had a pretty typical Sunday. We almost always head over to Whole Foods after church.We love it there because there is something for everyone and there is no waiting or tipping. Afterward; we hit up R.E.I., World Market, Pink Berry, headed home for a water gun fight, then finished it off with Hawaiian Burgers at Islands- so good! I’m so grateful for my man, he has grown in his walk with the Lord this past year and is committed to the men’s group at our church. This devotion has transferred to his parenting and I’m so grateful.


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