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Curried Egg Salad


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2 hard-boiled eggs

1 Tbl.of mayo

1 Tsp. of mustard

a few turns of lemon pepper

1/2 tsp. Curry powder spice

capers (optional)

2 slices of bread

Pulse all ingredients (except bread and capers) in a mini processor. Spread on two slices of toast of your choice. Sprinkle curry powder and capers to taste. You could swap out relish for capers. Add a simple side salad for a cheap, easy meal!

P.S. I add a tsp. of tastless fiber to my wine to decrease absorption and prevent a sugar spike.

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Turban kind of day.

Turban kind of day.

After watching a trailer for a supposedly “must-see” movie, I don’t even think I smirked. My sister was shocked saying that I am such a “weirdo” because everyone thinks this comedienne is hilarious. I told her “I am a weirdo”, and always have been! I rarely like what everyone else thinks is great or “trendy” (Hello! harem pants! NO!) and frankly I like it that way.

I thought it would be fun to write a list of some of what makes me strange!

1. I hate and always hated the fourth finger nail polish embellishment.

2. I’m obsessed with fringe society groups like polygamists, Amish, Gypsies…

3. I don’t like onesies on anyone at any age and I don’t like leggings as “pants”

4. I must sleep on a fitted sheet that is clean and pulled taut, I also cannot sleep with socks on or an open closet door., actually all cabinets must be closed after use, always!!!

5. This is all stems from my hyper-visual brain, I need things to “look right”! i.e, crooked pictures have to be straightened.

6. My car and purse are always ready for anything, I mean anything.

7. I hate vitamins and don’t take any.

8. I study the faces of everyone. In my mind, I am unconsciously accessing for the “Golden triangle”; always.

10. I read everything! I mean everything, always! One time at a novelty store I read a super long writing written on the wall that was many topics long and the font got smaller and smaller-the last sentence said “if you actually read this in its entirety, claim your prize at the counter”. Of course I hailed a clerk to find my “golden ticket”. He told me I could choose any candy and let me know I was only the second person EVER to actually read that nonsense!

That’s Me!

I want to hear about your weirdo-isms, hit me up in the comments!



More than “Thank you for your service.”


While it’s completely wonderful to say “Thank you for your service” to a service person, even better is “Thank you AND your family for your service”. Many don’t realize that military marriages have a 80% failure rate! That’s  because this lifestyle can be straining on families. Behind nearly every service person is a spouse or child(ren) at home and that soldier will tell you “I coudln’t have done it alone”.

To all the men and woman who have died in the name of the United States of America, we salute you. To those serving, “Thank you and your family that serve alongside and pray you home.”





“Everyday I’m Hustilin’, Hustlin’!”


Today is the 18th anniversary of my dad’s passing. For many years of the last nearly two decades, I thought of him rarely. The day he died (suddenly of a heart attack at age 37) I became enraged and was thrashing my room. I desperately played Bible Roulette demanding an answer from God. I immediately landed on John 11:26 , it reads: “Whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?” The Holy Spirit spoke to me, asking me if in fact I really did believe this. I suddenly had a peace that transcends all understanding and I coped well with his loss knowing that we would one day be reunited.

Lately, I find myself thinking about my dad more than ever. I believe it is because I have matured spiritually. I look back and I see my dad’s influence in major and seemingly minor moments since 1997. One for example, is the day Tia was born and I was wheeled up to the NICU to see her. What I saw was my dad’s face in her face. She doesn’t look much like him at all (we joke she is Sri Lankan), but in that instance it was like he was staring at me! Later that night in 2005, which was also Easter Sunday, my dad’s identical twin came to visit me in the hospital. That was unexpected as we rarely see one another. He poked his head through the door to say “hello”, for a few seconds I thought my dad was there to visit me the day I became a parent.

I often find myself laughing when “I’m wheeling and dealing.” You see my dad was a “hustler” in the best way. If he wanted something, anything; he could negotiate it- or at least try to. As a kid, I would feel embarrassed listening to him ask for free stuff when we were at stores, really anywhere (like an unfinished clog made during a demo session in Holland). I inherited the “hustle” and I’m proud. I am constantly negotiating better deals wherever I go.

When we took the pictures I posted last week we were at our local beach. We normally walk, but because of our fancy garb we drove. I refused to pay $8 to park for a 15 minute photo shoot. My husband was like “come on Corrita, just give me your card”. I was like “no, uh huh”! My mind stirred for a solution- “Bingo”!  I hailed a car that was leaving the lot and nicely asked for their parking slip. As I returned with my free parking, I told  K.K. (our photog) “your sister is a hustler”! She said, “just like, dad”! True.

Every time I score a deal I think of him. I’m reminded how even though he has been gone so long, he is right with me on the daily. I feel like I make him proud. He once told me (his name was Verney) that “whatever you sign your name to should be your best work”. That has stayed with me. I’m a better human because of my father. My dad was no angel, but in life you can glean from others the aspects that are superior. I know that I am destined for greatness and “everyday “I’m hustlin, hustling, hustlin’!”