Well hello! My husband recently returned from basic training for the Air force in Texas. It was a challenge having him away! We have never spent more than twelve days apart since we have been married. You know how people say they have a “broken heart”? I can relate; my heart literally ached half-way through the 2 months he was gone.I decided I wanted to give up “sweets” while he was training in solidarity. I’m so glad I did! I would have gained weight while he was there comforting myself!My word! You should see him! Everyone keeps commenting about how much weight he has lost! He is all muscle now!

While in Texas for his graduation; we were in a drive-thru when Patrick paused, I heard him say “Thank you ma’am, thank you sir, you will not be forgotten”. At nine o’clock every night “Taps” is played over the loudspeaker for our fallen heroes on base, each service person says a word of gratitude before bed. I love that every night these courageous souls are honored all over the globe!  I often lift up my own word of thanks and feel a tinge each time. So grateful for my husband and others like him that love this country in such a real way!

This month I was honoring someone else so special. This May marked the 10th anniversary of a deep and painful loss for me. May 2, 2004 was one of the most joyous days of our lives. Patrick and I were expecting our first child  and were so thrilled. At 21, I felt invincible and elated. We received flowers and congratulatory notes, we couldn’t contain our excitement and announced our pregnancy to friends and family that Mother’s Day! It never occurred to me that I would never hold this baby in this life. We were numb and devastated when it became certain our little one had traveled on the following month.


Congratulatory Note

                       Congratulatory Note

Two months later I became pregnant with our Rainbow baby Tatianna. After her very easy pregnancy yet complicated birth; the Lord spoke to me about my first baby. I had prayed to learn the gender so that I could name this little soul. Names are valuable to God and this life deserved that. I always said I wanted a boy first to be the “Sheperd” of our “flock” of children. I recently added Sheperd’s name plaque to our wall-joining each of ours. It took me years to choose a name that was befitting. This is. He is my angel keeping watch. For years Tia has sweetly talked about Sheperd and refers to him as her “big brother”. It’s as if they’ve already met.  So grateful for his life that allowed my daughter’s to shine through.



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