I Heart this Playroom!!!!

     Our new house has a detached bonus room which we intend to use as a play/craft room! I’m so excited to have the toys relegated to their own special abode. I came across this picture at
http://iheartorganizing.blogspot.com/2012/04/playroom-progress-sweet-seating-part-1.html by Jen Jones. This design makes my heart go pitter patter! First of all, I dig any new and clever unintended use for a project. The seats pictured are Expedit bookcases from Ikea turned on their side. She covered them with foam and stapled indoor/outdoor fabric to them. I am so into the intense blue/green combo too, I think the birch stencil adds a whimsical and outdoor ambiance.
     This layout really opens up the area for play utilizing baskets beneath to collect whoozits and whatzits galore!

4 thoughts on “I Heart this Playroom!!!!

    1. Corrita

      I know right?! We are buying a short sale so the move in day is not fixed. Even though we don’t have a deadline to move-I find myself really wishing the whole thing would hurry up when I start seeing all the toys in their 10/11 ft room! Thanks for reading!


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