Hot Mamas Unite!

     Last month I gave a presentation at the M.O.P.S group that I attend regularly; that’s Mothers of Preschoolers a monthly group that supports mommies of kids from birth through Kindergarten.
The topic was Dressing Right for your Body Type. I love design on all levels and wardrobe is another form of artistic and scientific form I have an appreciation for. I went through every body type ( I’m bigger on bottom f.y.i) and addressed styling and make-up tips. Afterward, we did a fun clothing swap. Moms brought garments and accessories they no longer wanted and the other ladies were able to incorporate “new” items into their closets using the info I just shared!
   Above is Amy. She was an attendee who came up to me a week after to exclaim about her new purchases. She normally does not wear dresses- typically opting for “Juicy Couture” ‘warm-up’ suits. She was effervescent in describing how excited she is with her dresses (I extoled them for their ease). I explained during the presentation that she should wear dresses with “tank” straps- the width provides support for the “girls”!
      The first black band at the waist of the pictured dress gives her definition. She explained that she ommitted earrings because she already put on a necklace and bracelet- echoing my suggestions about accessorizing. She added two other dresses to her closet and is thrilled about continuing on her new garment vitatlity.
      I let the moms know that although I love to style myself I went through a clothing slump after my son was born and didn’t recognize myself in the mirror. Fifty dollars at Forever 21 helped me see the light and motivated me to get my swag back. Overtime, I have completed my list of wardrobe staples and added fun pieces periodically. My secret is to buy one thing at a time as to not scare the husband (I do that with my kids too). I now know how to dress myself easily and get excited mixing and matching pieces-making Mommyhood “look” easy!

     If you have any fashion questions I’m happy to answer them!

5 thoughts on “Hot Mamas Unite!

  1. shirley slee

    Ugh I hear ya, I’m in a total wardrobe funk, I feel like I need to change things up, I know my hubby is over my flowy tops! Need to think outside my box!

    1. Corrita

      LOL! I’m so glad I was able to be helpful! I have noticed many of the MOPS moms have been looking particularly stylish lately :).


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