Going Vegan???


    I’m sure you have all heard stories of people that have gone vegan or raw or some other level of “clean” eating and have vocalized how they have never felt better. I have always wanted to try it for a brief time frame just to see how it feels. I have embarked on a three week sprint in veganism sans gluten as well. The above picture is a creation of necessity that blew my mind. It is simply a halved avocado with  tomato-less corn salsa from Trader Joes. It is so yummy! 2 days down -19 days to go. I’ll let you know how “clean” I feel!

5 thoughts on “Going Vegan???

    1. Corrita

      Thanks for reading and commenting! I love TJ’s too! Ommitting animal products made it impossible for me to regulate by blood sugar level so I had to stop early. My goal was to eat less wheat and unprocessed food and I will definitly continue to do this, I feel I was able to accomplish my goal in a week instead of three!


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