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The Arrangement is Over!


When we got engaged ten years ago we had an agreement that Patrick would do the cooking in our household. I hated to cook. I viewed cooking as a chore to be delegated to the more willing participant. About 4 years ago when we got cable I fell in love with the Food Network; particularly Giada De Laurentiis on Everyday Italian and now Giada at Home. The food looked beautiful and enticing through the screen. I would put Tia down for her nap and then sit and eat my lunch while watching her bring ingredients to life. I tried a few recipes and was shocked that I could make delicious, edible food.

The creative side of cooking sealed the deal for me! Presentation is such a key part of my personality and as my mentor would say “you eat with your eyes first”. I love to eat, and now I love to cook as much as I love to eat. Dangerous? No. I have a healthy outlook on food. I see ingredients as smaller parts of a grand masterpiece of art.
My husband and family love when I cook for them and have an affinity for “home-made” fare.  I thought cooking like that often was spoiling them but the gratification I get from presenting them my love on a saucer is so rewarding.  What was on the menu tonight? Sage and butter roasted chicken, potatoes and mushrooms. The bonus- mini cinnamon sugar cupcakes!

Wanted: California King Bed


Last week I was not feeling well so my hubby was giving me some R&R by keeping the kids quiet and occupied while I rested in the evenings. One night, after a while I noticed that the background noise had ended and guessed that they had all fallen asleep in one of the twin beds in the kid’s room. I couldn’t resist taking a snap shot while they were all crammed into the bed. I love how Tia is completely aware of her allotted sliver!

51 First Dates


About a year ago my husband and I decided to enact a weekly date night. Shockingly, we have hardly missed a night in 52 weeks. We met a couple who were not from our church at the jacuzzi one night during a church marriage retreat who suggested that there 32 year long relationship was thriving as a result of date night.

I had been mulling the concept over with my hubby for quite sometime at that point- speaking with them solidified our decision.

Now we do a date night babysitting swap with my cousin and her husband who live in our town. I so look forward to Wednesday nights because we have each other’s undivided attention and we act like we did before we had kidlets. We usually have just dinner, that way we can talk. We are in our fourteenth year as a couple and we’re still chuggin’ along! It’s really a gift to our kids as well, because it makes us a happier couple.